“Mystic Shoreline” — A Short Poem by a Visitor

My daughter Alycia wrote this poem while tending to her senior-year high school English assignment to compose a memoir. This was one of my favorite entries:

Mystic Shoreline
by Alycia Cooney
Written May 15, 2008

The shoreline
The sea air
On the beach
With no cares

No worries, no stress
All my troubles laid to rest
Everything drifts away
Leaving me feeling safe

Watch the boat in the harbor
See the people in the shop
Life just seems to stop

The shoreline
The sea air
Just sitting here

A place of peace
To spend the day
Away from the city
Oh how I want to stay

No tall buildings to block
A perfect view
Of the ocean
So beautiful and blue

Clear day, clear mind
Relaxation is easy to find
Here on the Mystic shoreline