Connecticut Valley Atheists

Who We Are

We are atheists. An atheist is someone who lacks belief in a god or any similar supernatural being. Atheism is a single position on a single subject: whether or not a god exists. Being an atheist does not dictate our political stance or any other factor about us. In fact, we come from all walks of life and cover the entire political spectrum.

We do not have any dogmas. Instead, we think and ask questions in seeking out the truth. We consider the power of the human intellect to be sufficient to solve the mysteries of our world and of the universe. We consider uncritical reliance on a supernatural being to be an insult to human intelligence and an affront to human dignity.

“An atheist is a man who destroys chimeras harmful to the human race, in order to lead man back to nature, to experience, and to reason.” — Baron d’Holbach

What We Do

To see what we’re up to these days, visit our Meetup page:

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